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A guide to Relocating in the UK

A guide to Relocating in the UK

21 August 2014

Often relocating conjurers images of emigrating to Spain or eloping off to Australia, but often, a more realistic and common relocation is simply to another part of the UK. It might not be glamorous and exotic, but sometimes, the other side of the region can feel like a whole other world, especially if you're moving to a vibrant city into the quieter country, or vice versa. Whether you're relocating for University, moving for a new job or simply fancy a change, this guide looks at everything involved in relocating in Britain.

Packing and moving

For packing, it is important to think of what you need and what you don't use. Moving to a new home is a new start, especially when it comes with a new job and a fresh start in a new city. The best place to start is to systematically go through all of your belongings and question whether you want or need it. Not only will it make it easier to unpack and start again in the new home, it will also mean physically and emotionally, you're moving with less baggage. When moving, there are countless relocation services which will help you in a long-distance move, however, you might not require their extra services which are geared towards international relocations, in which case a large van may suit your needs better. Research is key, as ever, and the benefit of moving to a new area means you have twice as many services and professionals to take advantage of.

Schools and services

If moving with family in tow there will be massive upheaval for everyone involved, not only will you be starting a new role, but children will have to settle into a new school and everyone will have to adapt to a new routine. There are countless services which you will not only have to inform of your new address but many might not be able to move with you to the new house. You will need to choose new doctors and dentists as well as becoming acquainted with more mundane services such as those provided by the local council. Everything will be different here from bin days, parking regulations and school holidays, so you should spend some time getting an idea of these sorts of things. On a lighter note, the local council may offer more services that suit you such as bigger libraries, better gyms and cheaper child care. You may only be moving half an hour down the motorway, but you may be surprised at how much will change.

Settling in

So you've moved in, the boxes are unpacked and the daily routine is becoming normal, you're settling in and becoming adapted to your new life after the initial upheaval and preoccupation of unpacking and arranging. However, it's not all doom and gloom and there are plenty of things which should be exciting about relocating in Britain. You're new home could offer a whole new lifestyle, such as fresh country air, or the buzz of a vibrant city, better leisure and shopping facilities or more choice in outdoor pursuits. Starting again can be daunting, but it's also the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. Whatever is on offer in your new home town you should take advantage of it be it horse riding or bar hopping. Make friends at work or join a club and snatch up every invite that comes your way. The only way to get the most out of your new life is to fully immerse yourself into it which will benefit you long after moving in.

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