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Electronics Have to be Packed Safely

Electronics Have to be Packed Safely

21 August 2014

The process of going from one place to another with all your belongings from home is not simple and easy. There are so many things that have to be prepared and so much to think about.
During the moving people are willing to keep everything in good condition, but unfortunately this is not possible every time. The transportation brings huge risk for the objects that are moved, especially for the fragile ones. That is why it is good for the baggage to be insured. It is really unpleasant to find out that something is broken and is not good for use anymore. But when some items are cheaper and can be easy replaced, others are, not like the electronics that you are taking with you. So in case you are worried about their transportation and want to make everything possible to keep them in good condition and ready for use at the end of the relocation, here are some general advices to follow in order to get the perfect results.
Prior to anything else you have to be very well aware about the recommendations of the manufacturer. There should be special chapter that will guide you for the right way to prepare the electronics you have for the road. In case you have already lost it or throw it long ago, visit the website of the particular manufacturer and you will surely find useful information there.
For stuff like printers and scanner which have removable ink cartridges it is very important to take them out before you start the packing and the preparation. The same has to be done with the players – check well if there are CDs, DVDs or other disks left in the device.
In case you have parts of the original packaging but still not the all things that are necessary to do it right, you can contact the company that gas manufactured the equipment and they will surely have one to send you.
You will need certain quantity of colored labels, not so small, but not too large as well. They have to be convenient to write on them and will be used to secure the connection ports of the electronics you are about to move.
It will be far easier to connect the equipment when you arrive at the new place if you leave enough time to mark the ports and the ends of the cables or plugs with the same colors. Do it at the same time you disconnect them to avoid future mistakes.
Another good idea that will make the assembling not so complicated is to write down detailed instructions for the steps you have taken to dismantle the electronics you are preparing. Put these instructions in the boxes with the equipment and be sure for it to be easy to reach and found after that. 

It is good for the cables and the wires to be secured as they are twisted with ties in order not to unravel after that. They should also be put into special bags that can be sealed or taped to larger part of the equipment.
What is the most important for any packing material used for this case to be antistatic. Conducting electricity can seriously damage the equipment you are transporting. What is good to be prepared in this case are packing bubbles or popcorn. Before you start the packing, carefully make sure that you have disconnected every part that can be removed. You should wrap the parts one by one each in different packaging.

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