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How to Follow the Feng Shui Philosophy for Moving into a New House

How to Follow the Feng Shui Philosophy for Moving into a New House

21 August 2014

People are often interested what they can do to make their life better. They are willing to follow different philosophies as the Eastern ones are very popular in this moment. They give special and very useful advices how you can make one home more welcoming and better for the people living in there. A house which is arranged according to some of these ways can charge the space with special energy, which will allow you to feel healthier, relaxed and comfortable with you.
Feng Shui is one Chinese system that is getting more and more popular recently. It is a special way for geomancy that is believed to be made according to the rules of both Heaven and Earth and is existing in balance with them both.
Feng Shui may be new for the Western World, but it is used for the making of oriental and other buildings for centuries. If you have discovered it recently and are very curious to know what you can do to make the new house, you have just moved to balanced and healthy, here are some general tips that will help you with that.
The energy a person or a family will bring to the new house is very important. That is why everything starts with the internal feeling and your attitude to the people around you and the space surrounding. You have to take this first step of the Feng Shui before you move to the next home. You have to leave time and stay alone with your thoughts. It will be good if you concentrate and decide what you want to take with you to the new place and what is better left behind. When you are choosing what your new way of life will be, you have to be sure you have included the clutter in the list of things that have to be left behind. It is the one certain things that has no place together with this philosophy.
When you are taking the decision what to take from the furniture of your old place, you have to pick only items with which you have very strong and nice connection. The ones you have never liked and you are just bringing with you because they are modern or good looking will bring the bad energy. They will make you negative each time you see them.
Be very careful as you pick the new stuff. Even things that do not look like clutter can easily become such if they are not needed at the new place.
The most important place for the Feng Shui is the bedroom. This is the room where you are resting every day and that determines your state of mind. So be very careful what you are putting there and how exactly you are arranging it. The good Feng Shui bedroom includes no TV, computer or exercise equipment. Besides the arrangement you have to take very good care for the air that is in the room, because it is very important part of the system. Make sure you have the window opened often and let fresh air several times a day, especially before you go to bed. You can install air-freshener that will make things a lot easier. You should not necessarily have plants in the bedroom, the Feng Shui even advices not to. They do not have positive influence on your sleep and on the air in the room. You can make exception when the bedroom is really large and the plants you have chosen are situated far enough from your bed.

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