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Making an international move is a wonderful idea. You can ditch this world you once knew, and make a beeline for a more tropical, or differently interesting place. From having a seaside home in Spain, to a quiet and quaint Scandinavian shack, an international move opens up a realm of possibilities. You can live your life like a holiday, every day!

Slow down though, because even though the climate and surroundings you're imagining may be a holiday, the preparation and moving process won't be. There's a lot of work to be put in – you'll have to plan every step of the way, pack everything carefully and take extra care on the journey. Don't worry too much though, because this article has got you covered. Here's a quick guide to preparing for your move abroad.

The absolute first step in this process is making sure that your finances are in order. Can you afford to make this move? If you're going to take a loan out, are you sure you can deal with the repayments? If you're moving abroad for work related reasons, then this won't be a problem, because you're guaranteed work, but if you plan to make a living in other ways across the seas, then it's something you have to keep in mind. Costs that you have to consider include hiring the mover, getting travel insurance as well as the usual moving fees. Just be sure that you've got all of this covered before you move on.

When packing everything up, you've got to keep in mind that you really shouldn't be taking everything with you. Some of the heavier items, like the larger pieces of furniture and white goods will have to stay at home, because it's impractical and expensive to take them abroad. You'll have to sell them off if you're making a long term move, or put them into storage if you're only moving for the short term. Since you can't take them, you'll have to replace these items once you get there – which is another cost to consider.

There's other luggage restrictions that you will have to keep in mind too. Like with any other flight, hazardous materials like lighter refills should be kept at home, but depending on where you're moving to, there may be other things you can't take. Be sure to check the country's customs and excise page, just in case.

When hiring a moving company, be sure you go for one that has experience with handling international moves. If you can get one that specialises in the country you're going to, then hire that one if possible. Otherwise, you can treat it like hiring an ordinary mover – go for one with a competitive price point and a good set of credentials, and you should be happy.

And finally, before you leave, make sure you have all of the right documentation not just on you, but also close to hand. I mean things like an up to date passport, your birth certificates, and all of the insurance and medical documents. You never know when you might need them.

So, those are the main thins you'll have to do. If you've got all of them sorted, you can just let the move take its course, and soon you'll be in your new home. You'll have crossed multiple borders to get here as well as put in a lot of work, so enjoy your new surroundings. You can soak in the hot sun, check out the scenery, or just chill out. Enjoy what your new home has to offer.

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