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The London to Paris move, as international moves go is a fairly simple one. Even though Paris is in a whole different country, it's around the same distance away from London that Newcastle is. Though, even though Paris is more local than you might think, its climate and culture is like being on a different planet. If you're tempted by the idea, here are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

First things first; 'Pouvez-vous parler le francais?'
If you understood that, then that's a good start. If you didn't understand, it says; 'Can you speak French?' If you can't, then you might want to start learning if you're planning to move to France. If you think that just a simple phrase book and a basic understanding of the language will see you through, then consider the following; You'll have to go house shopping, buy a house, set up a mortgage, arrange meetings with your bank manager and pay your taxes with only a limited knowledge of the language. I think on balance, it's a good idea. Plus, it'll make you feel more like a resident.

Paris is the world's leading tourist destination. In order to avoid the crowds and lines, it's a very good idea to move during the off-season. The Winter months are when it's the least crowded, by moving during these colder parts of year, you can get settled into your new home and take in your surroundings in relative peace. Until the hotter months roll back around, of course. When buying a house in Paris, there's a couple of things to consider. Make sure you can speak French (as I've already covered, so you can understand the offers) and make sure you buy the property with a French mortgage. Not only are they far cheaper, but they also come with tax breaks if you choose to relocate further down the line.

Now, you've got to figure out how to make the journey. There are a couple of options here; you can either take the Eurostar train or make the journey by car. Whichever you choose is based on whether you want to take your car with you. If you can go without until you get to France, then the train is the more practical choice. If not, then the Eurotunnel is the way to go. As for your goods? They should be making the journey via a moving company, or with a man with van firm. When hiring one, do your research thoroughly, make sure that they're not only affordable, and make this kind of journey on a regular basis, but also that they're honest and respectable. You can do this by looking on consumer review web sites, or by asking your friends and relatives about their experiences. Remember, they will be handling your goods. Be sure that you can trust them.

Before you leave, you should definitely let the right people know beforehand. As a general rule, you should tell the tax authorities of both England and France. They will make sure that any income that you stand to receive from your pensions and other such benefits will be handled appropriately. Not only that, but you'll receive the medical cover that the EU  entitles you to.

So, with the journey all planned out, the housing arrangements set in stone and all the paperwork sorted, you can enjoy your new life in the the City of Lights. You'll be living at the heart of one of the most prosperous and culturally rich places in Europe. The excellent climate is just the cherry on top.

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