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An Easy Move from Docklands to a Warmer Country

An Easy Move from Docklands to a Warmer Country

21 August 2014

For many people living in London is a great opportunity for a better life, a better career and finally making it the way they’ve always imagined. However, for those who’ve lived their whole lives in London, it’s not always the most exciting place in the world. One of the reasons for that is the weather. The infamous English weather which seems to change all the time has its effect on everyone in the cosmopolitan city. When the sky is grey more than 300 days a year, a person’s mood is more or less affected by this fact. The gloomy weather, the rain and the almost constant wind can make one hate this otherwise beautiful city.

If you live in the Docklands and you’ve already become rather bored with the view, perhaps it’s time for a change. For most people who have spent their whole lives in London or England for that matter, the best change of all is to move to a warm country – somewhere where the boiling sun is almost as warm as the people. Whether you will pick Spain, Portugal or Greece, the change will be significant. An international move like that will include a number of steps: finding a moving company for the job, packing, flying to the new location and unpacking. The best option for an international move is to trust the team of packers who know how to pack your items for a long journey, which usually consists of a few forms of transport.

Packing on your own is great, but for short-distance relocations, where the risk is not as high. A long-distance move also comes with full coverage, so you need to let the movers do their job. One of the rules is to pack in your own luggage all the valuables, important paperwork, heirlooms, jewellery and others. If something happens to your shipment at least your most precious items will be safe. If you are moving in summer, you can easily pack your warmest clothes on the bottom of the boxes – you wouldn’t need them anytime soon at your new home. Moving to a different climate is a great way to improve your mood and finally feel more energetic and positive. If you are moving to a smaller or a bigger place, consider which of your furniture pieces you’d like to keep in the new house. Furniture removals are expensive, so if you are planning to buy new pieces, do it at the new location and order them for delivery straight to your new home.

Moving to another country is more than just shifting all your belongings from one place to another. Some of the things you need to be prepared for include: the new culture, the traditions, the foreign language, the food and more. Make sure you get copies of all your academic transcripts, medical and dental records, personal documentation and certificates before you leave.  You are not only moving your household and family, you are moving your life and starting fresh, which is a great opportunity to settle down somewhere you’ve always wanted to live.

Your move from the gloomy and cold England to a warmer country can go damage and stress-free as long as you pick the right removals company for the job and you plan the relocation properly.

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