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Moving to France will require a lot more preparation and organisation than you may have previously experienced in more local or national moves. There are a number of additional factors to consider that if overlooked could cause avoidable problems and stress. In order to make your move to France as easy as possible, here are a few tips that can help keep your planning easy and less stressful.


While with any relocation you should always start packing well in advance, this is doubly true for a move to France. The chances are that you will be moving your items via shipping container, so this means you should take extra care when packing to make sure everything is as secure a possible for the journey. It can be worth considering professional packing services if you are worried about time constraints, but generally speaking as long as you start well in advance, at least three months or so, you should be able to have everything packed and ready to go when your international moving company arrives to pick your items up.


Packing should be staggered with the rest of your planning and tasks that need to be completed prior to moving day. It can be very helpful to make a planning schedule, giving yourself a few things to complete a day. This will ensure that when the time comes to move to your new home in France, you will have everything ready and won’t have any last minute stress trying to get everything done in a few days. Certain things should be prioritised however, and done as soon as possible. Making sure your travel documents and passports are all up to date will be essential, for example, as well as driving licences. It is also advisable to make sure you have your medical details up to date and ready for when you register in France with the doctor.

Being Prepared for France

It’s all too easy to overlook the finer details of a relocation to France, and these elements are often the things that catch out many international movers causing problems once you’ve arrived. The main things you will want to be very clear about are: How does the medical system work in France? How different is the tax law, and how will this affect you if you are self employed or starting a new job in the country? Is your driving licence valid, and are you required to take any additional tests as a result of your move? These are normally easy to find out about online, and can save you hassle once you have arrived at your new home. Also, you will need to find out how to register as a citizen, and knowing what this entails before hand can mean you can get settled smoothly and quickly with the minimum of hassle. It can also be very beneficial to learn some key phrases in French to get you started.

Choosing International Movers

You will have a number of options when in comes to selecting an international removal company to France, so again it can be very helpful, not to mention financially beneficial, to research potential companies before you book. Make sure to compare estimates too, so you get the best deal. One thing to be aware of is that your items may not arrive when you do, so going prepared with all the everyday essentials you need will save you having to buy items you already own while you wait for your goods.

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